Verus by Cocidius Defence, brings accountability, transparency and ultimately security to your cyber security and compliance processes. Utilising advances in AI and private blockchain technologies we provide organisations unprecedented insight into their cyber security posture and up to the minute compliance status of their entire IT estate.

Do you know which devices on your network are compliant with your IT policies? Can you see which machines are leaking data? Have all of your computers been patched recently? - Verus can give you the visibility you need and show you the true security status of your organisation.


Blockchain Backed

Verus checks the compliance status of every endpoint on your network and feeds this data into its AI driven security engine for analysis. Once Verus has confirmed that everything is secure and compliant with the security standards you have selected (GDPR, Cyber Essentials, IASME Gold, ISO27001 or your own custom profile) then the results are encrypted and stored in a distributed private blockchain.

This creates a trusted audit trail of the cyber security and compliance status of your business that you can share with your company executives, partners or clients.


Machine Learning

By using the very latest in machine learning technologies, Verus is able to determine a "normality baseline" for the security and health of your companies devices and networks. Using this information combined with the results of previous compliance checks that have been securely stored on our private blockchain, Verus is able to adapt to your users unique behaviour and screen out false positives.

By establishing an ever evolving "normality baseline" Verus can detect APT style "low and slow" data exfiltration attacks regardless of whether or not publicly available signatures exist.


Certified Secure

The Verus system regularly tests your digital infrastructure for weaknesses and vulnerabilities and forms an important part of your overall digital hygiene. After on-boarding your organisation will be granted "Cyber Essentials" certification - a UK government backed cyber security scheme.

Verus ensures that compliance and accreditation become more than a "tick box" exercise by giving you a weekly or monthly report of the overall compliance status of your organisation. Backed by a highly skilled technical team with the tools and resources to thoroughly test your systems against the very latest exploits, Verus generates an accurate picture of your security posture so that you know exactly where you stand and have early insight into any issues that may be on the horizon.

Pricing Overview

The Verus service is designed to scale with the unique needs of your organisation as it's cyber security requirements grow and adapt to the complexities of an evolving team, however there will always be organisations that don't quite fit the mould. If you require a more bespoke setup or have specialist requirements, you can reach a member of our customer support team here and they will be able to discuss your needs.



Up to 10 Users

£200 Per Month



Up to 50 Users

£1000 Per Month



50+ Users

£18 Per Month,
Per Additional Employee

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